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Bellatrix 9

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Here is the video of Bellatrix 9. The full show can be purchased below.

The pricing is 8 for the full show. Please note that all transactions are in US dollars.

Bellatrix 9 (Full Show)

On June 15th at Epic Studios, Bellatrix held it's Queen of the Ring tournament. With the winner of the last Queen of the Ring injured, who would step up and prove that on this night they were the better Female Warrior.

The event also had a re-match for the RQW European Title (with Hardcore Rules) from Bellatrix 8 after Blue Nikita won the 30 Women Rumble. Would Sammi Baynz be able to survivor the hardcore match.

Queen of the Ring Entrants
1. Penelope
2. Liberty
3. Lady Lory
4. Saraya Knight
5. Amy-Lee Kramer
6. Erin Angel
7. Skarlett
8. Bacardi

Match Card
Match 1 - Quarter Final 1Match
2 - Quarter Final 2Match
3 - Quarter Final 3Match
4 - Quarter Final 4
Match 5 - Semi Final 1
Match 6 - Semi Final 2
Match 7 - Final
Match 8 - RQW European Championship - Blue Nikita vs Sammi Baynz (c)

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