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Bellatrix 8

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Here is the videos of Bellatrix 8. The full show can be purchased below.

Individual matches are also available below.

The pricing is 8 for the full show or 3 for individual matches. Please note that all transactions are in US dollars.

Bellatrix 8 (Full Show)

Bellatrix 8 (Individual Matches)

On March 2nd at Epic Studios, Bellatrix held for the first time ever in female wrestling a 30 Women Rumble. The event also had four titles on the line. Watch this historic event, which will change the course of Bellatrix and the wrestling history.

Match Card

Match 1
British Ladies Championship
Violet O'Hara vs Erin Angel (c)

Match 2
Australian NHPW IndyGurlz Championship
Penelope vs Saraya Knight (c)

Match 3
RQW European Championship
Blue Nikita vs Sammi Baynz (c)

Match 4
Bellatrix World Championship
Liberty vs Courtney Rush (c)

Match 5
30 Lady Rumble

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